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At Stanton Equine, we invest in the most advanced transportable technology to aid us in determining your horse’s diagnosis and prognosis:

  • MyRad Digital X-Ray

  • Optomed Portable Equine Upper Airway Video Endoscope

  • Sonosite Edge I Portable Ultrasound

  • Battery-Powered Dental Power Float

  • Shock Wave Therapy

MyRad Digital X-Ray


The MyRad digital X-Ray system is a mobile unit that allows us to take high quality radiographs on location, with instant image retrieval. This system allows us to efficiently take multiple views of your horse’s bones and joints, retake images as necessary for high diagnostic potential, and send the images with the appropriate software for radiologists or consultants to view in the best quality.


Radiographs (X-Rays) allow us to potentially diagnose fractures, arthritis, limb deformities, navicular disease (“Caudal Heel Pain Syndrome”), etc..

Optomed Portable Equine Upper Airway Video Endoscope


This video endoscope allows the upper airway and trachea to be observed in the standing horse, on location. The ability to have a screen enables the veterinarian to explain to the owner what he/she is seeing in real time. The videos can be recorded and sent to consultants for evaluation. 

Upper airway endoscopy helps us to diagnose upper airway obstructions or disorders such as pharyngitis, laryngeal hemiplegia (“roarer”) and dorsal displacement of the soft palate. It also allows us to potentially detect mucus in the airways (indication of inflammation) or blood in the airways post-race (bleeders or “Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage”). 

Sonosite Edge I Portable Ultrasound


The Sonosite Edge ultrasound is a high performance ultrasound that can be used to obtain real-time images on location in the standing horse.


Ultrasound imaging allows us to evaluate tissues such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage that cannot be seen on radio-graphs. We can also evaluate structures such as the lungs and intestines to diagnose potential pneumonia's or detect reasons for colic episodes. The ultrasound may also be used to perform specific injections such as neck and back injections.

Battery-Powered Dental PowerFloat

The PowerFloat is a drill operated float that allows for effective reduction of sharp points and edges in the horse’s mouth. The drill causes diamond-burrs to spin that allow efficiency and accuracy when floating a horse’s teeth, and also minimize the discomfort of a horse’s mouth and jaw during the procedure.

Shock Wave Therapy


Shockwave therapy helps horses heal faster and optimize their physical performance. It’s a non-invasive hands-on therapy method that gives you control throughout the treatment process for maximum effectiveness and comfort of your patients. 

Shockwave therapy uses sound waves that penetrate deeper than ultrasound or lasers to stimulate tissue regeneration and bone healing for faster and improved treatment results. It increases the blood flow to affected areas – leading to the development of new blood vessels –, stimulates collagen, and dissolves calcium build-up to treat the root cause of injury. Shockwave therapy is drug-free, significantly alleviates pain, and produces more pressure for the long-term health of your patients.

Examples of equine-specific conditions treated:

  • Ligament, tendon, and muscle strains

  • Splints

  • Bucked shins

  • Scar tissue

  • Neck, back, and joint pain

  • Ringbone